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"Whoops there goes another year, whoops there goes another pint of beer..."

By the beginning of 1987 I had garnered a coveted evening shift, which is to say there was a little more freedom with the playlist than with the morning and afternoon shifts. Generally the station played the more accessible, listener-friendly stuff during the bulk of the day, relegating the “weirder” music to nights.

The playsheet had changed by this time and the “H” and “M” were dropped in favor of a general “PL” (play list). The numbered singles had also been chucked out in favor of “TOTW” (tracks of the week), which served the same purpose.

The playsheet lists the following abbreviations:
DC = DJ Choice/Non Hit
K = Known Cut/Hit
PL = Play List Cut
LS = Light Single
REC = Recurrent
TOTW = Tracks of the Week
REQ = Requests
( ) = Time Permitting Choice

Tuesday, 20 January, 1987
6-9 p.m.

Tommy Keene – “When the Whip Comes Down”
PL Beastie Boys – “Fight for Your Right”
TOTW Husker Du – “Could You Be the One”
PL Nervous Eaters – “Nazi Concentration Camp Blues”
DC New Order – “Blue Monday”
PL This Mortal Coil – “Alone”
PL The Jazz Butcher – “Nothing Special”
REC Love & Rockets – “All in My Mind”
PL Lyres – “Stormy”
LS Danielle Dax – “Where the Flies Are” 12” remix
K blank
PL blank
DC blank
(PL) blank
(REQ/REC) blank

Shriekback – “Gunning for the Buddha”
PL Died Pretty – “Round & Round”
TOTW REM – “Toys in the Attic”
PL The Fall – “R.O.D.”
REC The Bolshoi – “A Way” (request)
PL The Stranglers – “Always the Sun” (request)
DC The Feelies – “High Road”
K Sex Pistols – “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone”
PL Dead Kennedys – “Chickenshit Conformist”
LS The Smiths – “Ask”
PL Billy Bragg – “Greetings From the New Brunette”
PL Julian Cope – “World Shut Your Mouth”
DC Joan Armatrading – “I Love it When You Call Me Names”
(REQ/K) The Cure – “The Walk”
(PL) Twice a Man – “Girl”

PL Soup Dragons – “Hang Ten”
REC Echo & the Bunnymen – “Way Out and Up We Go”
PL Camper Van Beethoven – “We Saw Jerry’s Daughter”
TOTW China Crisis – “Another Sky”
DC Kino – “Night (I Love the Night)”
PL The Lucy Show – “Shame”
K The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Just Like Honey (1984 demo)”
PL Felt – “Rain of Crystal Spires”
PL Woolfing Cookies – “Girl Next Door”
LS Adult Net – “Waking Up for the Sun”
PL Concrete Blonde – “Yer Haunted Head”
DC Aquarium – “Ashes”
PL Thatcher on Acid – “Daddy”
(REQ/DC) Red Rockers – “China”
(DC) Robyn Hitchcock – “Eaten by her Own Dinner”
(REQ/K) The Blasters – “Bus Station”

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