Thursday, May 22, 2008

"I'm a camera, I'm a clown...and every move you make I write it down..."

WWSU Playlist
16 November 1998
Wednesday, 9 p.m.-midnight

David Sylvian – “Orpheus”
H Head of David – “Ink Vine”
TOTW Art of Noise – “Kiss”
H AC Temple – “Weekend”
DC Infections – “Blue Serene”
M Big Dipper – “Ron Klaus Wrecked His House”
H Rapeman – “Superpussy”
PM REC These Immortal Souls – “Marry Me”
H Animal Time – “It’s Like I’m Being You”
H Laibach – “Get Back”

Tones on Tail – “Go!”
H Sharkbait – “Furry Mounds”
TOTW A House – “Call Me Blue”
M Lime Spiders – “Other Side of You”
DC The Jazz Butcher – “Human Jungle”
H B.A.L.L. – “Buick McKane”
K Jad Fair & Kramer – “King Kong”
H Half Japanese – “Hall of the Mountain King/Louie Louie”
PM REC Moe Tucker – “Jad is a Fink”
H Skinny Puppy – “Human Disease”
M Billy Bragg – “The Price I Pay”
LS Timelords – “Doctorin’ the Tardis”
M Front 242 – “Headhunter”
H A;Grumph – “Another Brick in the Wall pt2”

K Sugarcubes/The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Birthday” (remix)
H Shaved Pigs – “Substitute”
TOTW The Fall – “New Big Prinz”
DC Minimal Compact – “New Clear Twist”
H Waterboys – “We Will Not Be Lovers”
M Manufacture – “Terror Vision”
H Monte Cazazza – “Future Shock”
DC Legendary Pink Dots – “Waiting For the Cloud”

It’s been so long ago that I’m not entirely sure I’ve got the correct year, but I believe that 1988 was the first time I caught Half Japanese live. I remember that it was around my birthday in November, and it was at some dirty little joint in Kentucky. I’d been a fan since 1984’s Our Solar System, but it was Jad Fair’s collaborations with Kramer at Shimmy-Disc that really wowed me. At the time I thought Kramer was God and that everything he touched was golden. He and Jad had collaborated on 1987’s Roll Out the Barrel (with it’s eye-popping day-glo cover)
and there was generally a lot of cross-pollination of Shimmy-Disc artists going on. I think part of me had hoped Kramer would make a special appearance – although deep down I knew that he was a bit too New York to want to drop in on a gig in the “middle of nowhere.” No matter – seeing HalfJap live was a real treat, as was meeting Jad Fair and having a jolly good chin wag with him.

Since that first show I’ve seen them a number of times in different incarnations – including a stint when Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground drummed for them – and another time when they shared a bill with band member Don Fleming’s Velvet Monkeys. Gary Spencer (SquirrelyG) and I interviewed Jad for Moo Magazine sometime in the mid-90’s – and he surprised me by saying he recognized me from previous shows. I guess it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise though – his shows were, sadly, sparsely attended much of the time.

This playsheet also lists Infections "Blue Serene," from the album Sub Rosa - which I LOVED. I still have this LP and keep meaning to rip it to MP3...but part of me is afraid it won't sound as good as it did in 1988. Will it stand the test of time, as Savage Republic and The Jazz Butcher have, or will it sound tired and dated like the Legendary Pink Dots does?

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