Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"2541 - big windows to let in the sun..."

WWSU Playlist
30 November 1988
Wednesday 9 p.m.-midnight

Negativland – “Car Bomb”
H Animal Time – “My Car is a Survivor”
TOTW Grant Hart – “2541”
H Malarians – “No”
DC Mad Daddys – “Stoned For the Rest of my Life”
M Billy Bragg – “Life With the Lions”
H Screaming Trees – “Damage Report”
PM REC Hoodoo Gurus – “Party Machine”
H B.A.L.L. – “It Don’t Come Easy”
H Highwaymen – “Shine a Light”
K Highwaymen – “After the Sun”
DC New Salem Witch Hunters – “Quinn the Eskimo”

K Half Japanese – “Colleen”
H Alice Donut – “Lisa’s Father”
TOTW In Tua Nua – “All I Wanted”
M Etude Combo – “Thinking Plague”
DC End Result – “Ward”
H Sharkbait – “End of the World”
K Husker Du – “Could You Be the One”
LS Wolfgang Press – “King of Soul”
PM REC – “Meat Beat Manifesto – “Kneel & Buzz”
H Swans – “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
M Dead Can Dance – “Song For Sofia/Echolalia”
DC This Mortal Coil – “Song To the Siren”
M Ofra Haza – “Da Ale Da Ale”
H Danielle Dax – “Where the Flies Are”
PM REC Savage Republic – “Lethal Musk”

K Screaming Blue Messiahs – “I Wanna Be a Flintstone”
H King Missile – “I’m Open”
TOTW The Fall – “New Big Prinz”
DC Phantom Tollbooth – “Barracuda”
H A.C. Temple – “Mince Meat”
H Diamanda Galas – “Let’s Not Chat About Dispair”
H Skinny Puppy – “Who’s Laughing Now”
PM REC Voice Farm – “Johnny Belinda”
LS Nitzer Ebb – “Join in the Chant”
DC Mark Stewart – “Anger/Hell is Empty”

It's been ages since I even thought about End Result, but now that my memory has been jogged with this playsheet I remember that I used to dig the song "Ward" and I'm wishing I could remember who I loaned the album to, because I never saw the LP again. Hmmm...I wonder if I can track it down?

I'm surprised that I played "Join in the Chant" by Nitzer Ebb on my show - not because it isn't a good tune, but because it was probably THE most requested song I spun at The Rathskeller on Tuesday nights. The station hosted "Alternative Tuesdays," a four hour dance club-type party that evolved from extended mixes of Depeche Mode and The Cure to the burgeoning Industrial scene. It seemed that every other person in the Rat would come up and request "Join in the Chant," so I'll admit that I got a little sick of hearing it, which is why I am surprised that I played it voluntarily.

I also remember a few diehard Husker Du fans were upset with me for adding Grant Hart's "2541" to the rotation (especially as a Track of the Week) because they blamed him for breaking up the band. Hart was trying to kick heroin addiction and the band's manager was under so much pressure from the warring factions of Hart and Bob Mould that he took his life on the eve of their tour for "Warehouse Songs and Stories." The fans sided with Bob Mould and looked upon Grant Hart as a pariah.

I thought the song was brilliant (I still do) and wasn't going to blackball it simply because of some disgruntled fans. Hell, I was a huge fan myself, but even I could tell they were imploding long before the split was announced.

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Anonymous said...

Your playlist brings back memories.

Found it trying to remember who sang 2541. Really parallels the CKCU Ottawa station I listened to every night. Now I'm listening to the Swans and trying to dig out some old cassettes.