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"Love energy is giving us a shove, making this the summer of love..."

Over the summer while I was in Japan the station got a new Music Director (Mike Taylor, who is now program director at WOXY) who made changes to the playsheet. For starters, the numbered cuts were replaced with the notation “TOTW,” which stands for Tracks of the Week. Other new editions to the list were (EX), (REQ) and ( ), which meant “time permitting, optional.” EX stands for “extra” but the list doesn’t make clear what “extra” means, so I’m guessing it was something of a free-for-all. REQ stands for “request” which is where we were to put any requests that callers had made during that hour. At the bottom of the playsheet it says this: “How ( ) works: These are cuts to be played when time permits at the end of a hour. These are NOT mandatory to play – only if you have time. Do not skip regular playlist slots to get to them…if time doesn’t permit, skip em. Always begin the hour with the first slot!”

The reworked play list was also split into hourly segments to make the station hot clock more cohesive. A hot clock is radio jargon for what is basically a pie chart of the programming hour. The chart is broken down into timed segments of music, commercials, news, etc.

I remember one of the projects that students taking COM130/Introduction to Radio had to do was sit and listen to a favorite radio station for an hour, writing down the exact times for everything from music to banter to news to commercials, then we were instructed to build a pie chart from it – effectively creating that station’s hot clock. Good times!

WWSU play list
25 September, 1986

K The Vapors – “Turning Japanese”
PWR The Push Twangers – “Baby Don’t Go”
TOTW The B-52’s – “Summer of Love”
H Leaving Trains – “Vicki”
DC Hound Dog – “Fortissimo”
M Jet Black Berries – “Sweet Revenge”
PWR Three Johns – “Atona Drum Hop”
REC Husker Du – “Hardly Getting Over It”
H Peter Hammill – “Skin”
L Crankcall Love Affair – “Our Demons are Sleeping”
K Adam Ant – “Goody Two Shoes”
PWR The Ramones – “Brain is Hanging Upside Down”
DC Burning Sensations – “Pablo Picasso”
(EX) blank
(REQ/REC) blank

H Smack – “Steppin’ Stone”
M Yo – “I Meant to Tell You”
TOTW The Dead Milkmen – “The Thing That Only Eats Hippies”
PWR Dogmatics – “Drinking by the Pool”
REC The Replacements – “Waitress in the Sky”
H The Nails – “The Things You Left Behind”
DC Devo – “Beautiful World”
K Love & Rockets – “Ball of Confusion”
PWR True Believers – “We’re Wrong”
L The Triffids – “Wide Open Road”
H Nick Cave – “Black Betty”
M Velvet Underground – “Coney Island Steeplechase”
DC REM – “Femme Fatale”
(REQ/K) Hoodoo Gurus – “Death Defying”
(EX) Dead Kennedys – “One Way Ticket to Pluto”
(EX) Crowded House – “World Where You Live”

Guadalcanal Diary – “Please Stop Me”
REC Modern English – “Melt With You”
H Descendents – “Wendy”
TOTW Stewart Copeland & Adam Ant – “Out of Bounds”
DC The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Something’s Wrong”
PWR Beat Farmers – “Deceiver”
K Psychedelic Furs – “Pretty in Pink”
H 54-40 – “Baby Ran”
M Public Image Ltd. – “Anna Lisa”
L Midnight Oil – “Hercules”
PWR The Smiths – “Bigmouth Strikes Again”
DC Jon Anderson – “Cage of Freedom”
H The Woodentops – “Steady, Steady”
(EX) Kronos Quartet – “Purple Haze”
(REQ/M) Pete Shelley – “They’re Coming For You”

In my first hour I played an artist called Hound Dog, which was a Japanese band I’d been introduced over the summer. I came home with loads of Japanese pop music because when the Japanese students learned I was a DJ they began plying me with their favorite songs and artists. My host families also gave me tapes and records of traditional Japanese folk songs with kotos and shamisens.

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