Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Come On, the last train's almost gone...really gone! Let's enjoy the ride we're on..."

WWSU Playlist
5 May 1987
Tuesday 6-9 p.m.

K Shriekback – “Nemesis” (remix)
PL The Godfathers – “I Can’t Leave Her Alone”
TOTW (blank)
PL Webb Wilder – “Poolside”
DC Phil ‘N’ The Blanks – “Head Screwed On”
PL Wolfgang Press – “The Wedding”
PL Hoodoo Gurus – “Come On”
REC XTC – “Summer’s Cauldron”
PL David Bowie – “Zeroes”
LS The Dead Boys – “All the Way Down”
K The Bears – “Fear Is Never Boring”
-----Out of the Box----------
Ten Foot Faces – “You’re Blowing My High” (from LP “Daze of Corndogs and Yoyos”) (I’ve made a note that the LP is endorsed by Camper Van Beethoven)
Peter & the Test-Tube Babies – “Louise Wouldn’t Like It”
Fahrenheit 451 – “A World of Ideals”

REM – “There She Goes Again”
PL Wire Train – “Too Long Alone”
TOTW (blank)
PL The Fastbacks – “Seven Days”
REC Mission UK – “Sacrilege”
PL The Killjoys – “Vegetable Man”
DC Erasure – “Sometimes” (request)
K Graham Parker – “Local Girls”
PL Tom Verlaine – “Say a Prayer”
LS Rank & File – “Black Book”
PL Danse Positive – “Do it Like a Dog”
PL The Pastels – “Ride”
DC The Jesus & Mary Chain – “You Trip Me Up” (acoustic)
(REQ/K) Split Enz – “I Got You”
(PL) The Smiths – “Golden Lights”

U2 – “In God’s Country”
REC Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – “Cut Down”
PL Skinny Puppy – “First Aid”
TOTW (blank)
DC The Ramones – “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”
PL Mekons – “Keep Hoppin’”
K Patti Smith Group – “Because the Night”
PL Descendents – “Clean Sheets”
PL Husker Du – “Charity, Chastity, Prudence & Hope”
LS Age of Chance – “Kiss”
PL Oingo Boingo – “We Close Our Eyes”
DC Love & Rockets – “Lucifer Sam”
PL Xmal Deutschland – “Ozean”
(REQ/DC) The Cure – “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”

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