Friday, May 30, 2008

"Rock the records, rock the records, rockin' records..."

WWSU Playlist
21 December 1988
Wednesday 9 p.m.-midnight

K Elmo & Patsy – “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”
H Wolfgang Press – “King of Soul”
TOTW Heavenly Bodies – “Rains on Me”
H Malarians – “What’s New Pussycat?”
DC Danielle Dax – “Blue Christmas”
M A Picture Made – “Little Boy Wisdom”
H Front 242 – “Headhunter”
PM REC Ganzheit – “Traitor”
H A.C. Temple – “Sheik”
H Ministry – “Flashback”
K The Fall – “New Big Prinz”
DC 54-40 – “2000 Years of Love”
LS Band Aid – “Do They Know it’s Christmas”
M Big Dipper – “Meet the Witch”

Cocteau Twins – “Pearly Dewdrops Drop”
H 1313 Mockingbird Lane – “Battle Dress”
TOTW Laibach – “Sympathy for the Devil”
M A Split Second – “Scandinavian Belly Dance”
DC The Ghostly Trio – “White Christmas”
H B.A.L.L. – “Just Like The First Time”
H Half Japanese – “Said & Done”
M Billy James – “Withering”
DC The Associates – “Heart of Glass”
M Ofra Haza – “Da ale Da ale”
H Borghesia – “Naked, Uniformed, Dead”
PM REC Dinosaur Jr. – “Don’t”
REQ/K Big Audio Dynamite – “Esquerita”

Bob & Doug McKenzie – “12 Days of Xmas”
H Tater Totz – “Bhartha’s Boogie”
TOTW New Order – “Fine Time”
DC Biff Bang Pow – “She Paints”
H The Waterboys – “Sweet Thing”
H Alice Donut – “Lisa’s Father”
M Sharkbait – “Big Rallies”
LS R.E.M. – “Deck the Halls”
DC Jane’s Addiction – “Summertime Rolls”
H Living Colour – “Broken Hearts”
K They Might Be Giants – “Ana Ng”

From the playsheet it appears that this shift got cut about 15 minutes short. I’ve scrawled a note across the bottom of the sheet: “Bug fog covering so no “K” or “DC” etc.” I’m assuming that this means the studio was powered down a little early so that the University maintenance crew could put heavy plastic coverings over the equipment before they fogged the station/University Center for bugs. I can’t ever remember seeing bugs at the station, so this may have been a routine thing the campus did every time students were on break.

And Elmo & Patsy?! What was I thinking?!

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