Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"She was always in a hurry, tryin' to pass, pedal to the metal as she gave it the gas. Rock & roll music playin' full blast..."

WWSU Playlist
7 April 1987
Tuesday 6-9 p.m.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – “Come On Eileen”
PL Webb Wilder – “How Long Can She Last (Goin’ that Fast)?”
TOTW (blank)
PL Julian Cope – “Trampoline”
DC The Vibrators – “Whips & Furs”
PL DOA – “Takin’ Care of Business”
PL Circle Confusion – “Survival”
REC Christian Death – “Believers in the Unpure”
PL Peace Corpse – “Identity – the American Commodity”
LS Wiseblood – “Stumbo”
K Fun Boy 3 – “Our Lips Are Sealed”
------Out of the Box----------
Meat Puppets – “Quit It” (from the LP Mirage)
Happy Mondays – “Tart Tart” (single)
Celibate Rifles – “Netherworld” (from LP Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

Mission UK – “Wasteland”
PL Glass Eye – “Pender La Querra”
TOTW (blank)
PL Oingo Boingo – “Not My Slave”
REC Yello – “Goldrush”
PL The Squalls – “Elephant Radio”
DC The Jazz Butcher – “DRINK”
K The Jazz Butcher – “Partytime”
PL Shop Assistants – “Fixed Grin”
LS The Fall – “Hey Luciani”
PL Joy Division – “She’s Lost Control”
PL Spot 1019 – “Taste the Feel”
DC The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Something’s Wrong”
(REQ/K) The Long Ryders – “Looking for Lewis & Clark”
(PL) Wire Train – “Take Me Back”

The Godfathers – “Lonely Man”
REC XTC – “Earn Enough for Us” (request)
PL Dead Kennedys – “Take This Job & Shove It”
TOTW (blank)
DC Guided By Voices – “Let’s Ride”
PL The Creepers – “Baby’s On Fire”
K Fear – “More Beer”
PL Descendents – “Coolidge”
PL Agent Orange – “Shakin’ All Over”
LS The Cult – “Love Removal Machine”
PL Hunters & Collectors – “The Slab”
DC Stan Ridgway – “The Big Heat”
PL The Killjoys – “E For Existential”
(REQ/DC) Echo & the Bunnymen – “Seven Seas”
(PL) Robyn Hitchcock – “Vegetable Friend”

I’ve written at the bottom of this playsheet “This week’s fave rave: Glass Eye – Perder La Querra. Wow!” I liked it, but after 20 years I can’t even remember it.

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