Thursday, May 01, 2008

"I am a DJ, I am what I play..."

This is Brian, a DJ-in-training at the station. Trainees had to take a course called (I think) COM130 before they could begin working at the station. COM130/Introduction to Radio was a communicaton class that was needed to earn a radio license. The latter part of the quarter included hands-on experience in the air studio. Trainees had to sit in with the "regular" jocks to learn how to work the boards. Brian, the poor bugger, had to sit in on my shifts - it's a wonder he learned anything at all with me as a mentor.

Three WWSU DJ's - Don, Kevin (seated) and Gary - in the "lounge." Lounge is a bit of a grand word really for what was actually just the front corner of the record library - consisting of a couple of desks, chairs, a typewriter, a couple of file cabinets and one smelly old moth-eaten sofa.
Don is Don Thrasher, the guy who turned me onto GBV. Not only did he introduce me to the band, but ended up a member in one of GBV's later incarnations. He's a contributing writer for the Dayton Daily News these days.

(As an aside and to add perspective, the earlier photo of some DJs in the record library with a case of beer was taken standing on the top of the desk Kevin is sitting at to type up the station newsletter.)

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