Friday, March 25, 2005

"Talk to me, dance with me.."

This morning iPod and I had another conversation.

iPod: “Another Traveling Song” (Bright Eyes)
MK: “So iPod, where are we going?”
iPod: “Little America” (REM)
MK: “Anyone going besides us?”
iPod: “Gai-Jin Man” (Nick Lowe)
MK: “What are we going to do when we get there?”
iPod: “Walk Away Renee” (O-Positive)
MK: “Why would we want to walk away as soon as we get there?”
iPod: “Babylon Makes the Rules” (Steel Pulse)
MK: “You don’t really think America is Babylon, do you?”
iPod: “Paranoid Android” (Radiohead)
MK: “So you’re paranoid. What am I?”
iPod: “Slick” (Sugar)

How iPod knew my record store nickname was “Slick” I’ll never know…

Thursday, March 24, 2005

"That dream I was a' dreamin', it caused me to awake..."

Dawn of Infinite Dreams.

Dawn of Infinite fuckin' Dreams.

It's been nearly fifteen years since I saw the "rock opera" known as Dawn of Infinite Dreams. Fuuuuuuck. I thought it was total pants then, and the years have not been kind.

Fifteen years ago I was working as the Promotion Manager for a concert booking agency, which happened to own a medium sized concert venue in Cincinnati. A guy from Columbus, a writer/producer, kept phoning, requesting a venue for his "rock opera." Neither Steve nor Al, the two main guys in the company, were very interested in the rock opera. They were hounded enough, however, to suggest to me that perhaps I ought to go up to Columbus and check the rock opera out and come back with a full report.

I wasn't very keen either, but it seemed this was the only way to get the guy from Columbus off our backs. So I rang my friend Craig and he was up for adventure. We drove up to Columbus and checked into a nice suite, courtesy of DoID and Craig's travel agent upgrade. Then we made our way over to the venue where Dawn of Infinite Dreams was being staged. I can't even remember the name of the place now--it seemed kinda like a civic center.

Suffice to say that the rock opera Dawn of Infinite Dreams was not what we were expecting, although to be honest I am not sure exactly what we were expecting. Tommy maybe. All I know is that both Craig (who was quite the theatre buff) and I (the music buff) were suitably horrified at the thought of trying to come up with something good to say about the production after the show.

We had such a difficult time trying to come up with positives that we ended up running away before it ended. I feigned a migraine in the hotel suite, hoping that the writer/producer would not call me.

But of course he did.

I am not one to lie, but I did stretch it a bit and tell him that the show was "interesting, but not something I could see at The Club."

I guess he's having the last laugh, fifteen years later, because he is the main guy behind Shadowbox Cabaret, the musical sketch comedy show with venues at Easton Towne Centre in Columbus and Newport on the Levee.

Unaware of the connection, I went to see "Dirty Little Secrets" tonight at Shadowbox Cabaret at Newport on the Levee.

It was slightly better than Dawn of Infinite Dreams.

But it was still pants.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"Speak to me with your sweet voice..."

iPod spoke to me again today via song titles.

iPod began by telling me about "Yin & Yang & The Flowerpot Man" (Love & Rockets)"Underneath The Bunker" (REM)

MK sez "iPod, what about Yin & Yang & the flowerpot man underneath the bunker?"
"Bad" (U2) sez iPod

MK sez "How bad is it?"
"Incendiary" (Winter Hours) replies iPod.

MK sez to iPod, "Well that's pretty hot. What's gonna burn?"
"The House That Used To Be" (Old 97's)

By this time I was almost upon the Solid Rock Church. I informed iPod that MC 62ft Jeeebus was coming up on the right side of the highway.

iPod responds by kicking into "Christianity is Stupid" (Negativland)

I swear the thing is starting to really freak me out.