Friday, May 02, 2008

"These rivers of suggestion are driving me away..."

14 May, 1986

K Beastie Boys – “Fight For Your Right”
PWR The Pandoras – “Stop Pretending”
#1 Big Country – “Look Away”
H The Windbreakers – “I’ll Be Back”
DC Marshall Crenshaw – “Right Now”
M EIEIO – “Hello Heartache”
PWR Depeche Mode – “It Doesn’t Matter Two”
REC The Smiths – “The Boy w/ The Thorn in his Side”
H Roky Erikson – “Don’t Slander Me”
L Cactus World News – “Years Later”
K OMD – “So In Love”
PWR Art of Noise – “Peter Gunn Theme”
DC Rank & File – “Amanda Ruth”
H Richard Lloyd – “Watch Yourself”
M Swimming Pool Q's – “Now I’m Talking ‘bout Now”
#2 That Hope – “Spaceboys In Love”
PWR Elvis Costello – “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”
REC Lou Reed – “My Love is Chemical”
H The Pogues – “London Girl”
DC The Cars – “The Dangerous Type”
K Falco – “Der Kommisar”
PWR Let’s Active – “Last Chance Town”
L Lords of the New Church – “Like a Virgin”
H Great Plains – “Dick Clark”
M Brian Setzer – “Radiation Ranch”
DC The Shoes – “Double Talk”
PWR The Cramps – “Chicken”
REC The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Cut Dead”
H Soul Asylum – “Never Really Been”
#3 Alex Chilton – “No Sex”
DC The Ramones – “Rock & Roll High School”
PWR Husker Du – “Sorry Somehow”
K Jim Carroll – “People Who Died”
H Death of Samantha – “Bed of Fire”
M Translator – “Stony Gates of Time”
L Zeit Geist – “Atlantic City”
PWR The BoDeans – “Angels”
DC Violent Femmes – “Please Do Not Go”
H Highwaymen – “Burndown”
REC The Armoury Show – “Castles in Spain”
PWR Dumptruck – “Alone”
M Book of Love – “Boy”
K REM – “So. Central Rain”
PWR Pet Shop Boys – “Two Divided by Zero”
H Get Smart – “See Who’s Laughing”
DC The Psychedelic Furs – “Dumb Waiters”
M Cocteau Twins – “Great Spangled Fritillary”

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