Monday, May 12, 2008

"I can't give you up til I've got more than enough..."

WWSU Playlist
10 March, 1987
Tuesday, 6-9 p.m.

Sting – “Mack the Knife”
PL Skinny Puppy – “One Time One Place”
TOTW U2 – “With or Without You”
PL The The – “Infected”
DC Ellen Foley – “What’s a Matter Baby?”
PL Robyn Hitchcock – “Grooving on an Inner Plane”
PL Christianhound – “Queen of the Knight”
REC The Lucy Show – “Land & the Life”
*******OUT OF THE BOX*******
Rude Buddha – “The Ghost You Left Behind”
Big Dipper – “Loch Ness Monster”
Electric Peace – “Cranking into Oblivion”

(basketball game)
(basketball game)

Tuesdays were traditionally the day new record releases hit retail shelves, and it was also the day our music department received shipments of new albums. We took shipments from all the major labels, loads of independent labels, and plenty from middleman distributors like Thirsty Ear and Caroline. And because we subscribed and contributed to Rockpool and College Music Journal (CMJ, which at the time was industry-only) we got shipments of cool stuff from them too. Because we got so much new music in on Tuesdays the station introduced a new feature called “Out of the Box” to highlight a few and I was the lucky DJ who got to air them first.

The playsheet shows that I had a trainee with me during the first hour – although it doesn’t indicate who it was – and they helped run the boards for the basketball game, which took up the last two hours of my shift.

I'm guessing that I probably made my trainee do most of the boardwork during this shift because I always hated running the boards for games. Mainly I didn’t like doing it because I’d rather be playing music, but also because I had to keep on my toes listening for breaks, which came whenever the team called a time out or there was an injury, or any other thing that might briefly stop the game. Since the breaks weren’t set in stone like they were on the hot clock, I had to sit in the studio and wait. I couldn’t study or read because I couldn’t concentrate with one ear to the game, and because I couldn't leave the studio I felt imprisoned. Better to let the trainee be imprisoned whilst I dashed down the hall to the Rathskeller for a beer, or sat in the DJ lounge smoking with staff. Yes, we used to smoke not only inside the building, but inside the station! The only place smoking was prohibited was inside the studio.

Wright State University is also a dry campus these days - but when I was a student we had a great, dingy bar on campus and it was right down the hallway from the station. We could - and did - stagger back and forth between the two all the time. When I became Music Director in 1988 I used to joke that my office was inside The Rat.

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