Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Nationalities are fighting with each other - why is this? Because the system tells you!"

WWSU Playlist
2 November 1988
Wednesday 9 p.m.-midnight

Echo & the Bunnymen – “The Cutter”
H Alice Donut – “Lisa’s Father”
TOTW REM – “Orange Crush”
H Screaming Trees – “Build On Ice”
DC Ganzheit – “Traitor!”
M Tekna Kuller Raincoats – “Kaleidoscope”
M AC Temple – “Yield”
PM REC Thomas Dolby – “Airhead”
H Ultrafly – “On the I.R.T.”
H Nice Strong Arm – “Swing Set”
K Wire Train – “Chamber of Hellos”
DC The Stooges – “1969”
LS Francis Xavier – “I’m Bored With Your Face”

Flesh For Lulu – “Spaceball Richochet”
H Mission of Burma – “Smoldering Fuselage”
TOTW Sonic Youth – “Teenage Riot”
M Tater Totz – “Give Peace a Chance/We Will Rock You”
DC The Jazz Butcher – “The Devil is my Friend”
H Malarians – “No”
K Time Zone – “World Destruction”
LS Woodpecker – “Bowl of Water”
PM REC Front Line Assembly – “Aggression”
H Sharkbait – “Furry Mounds”
M A Split Second – “Scandinavian Belly Dance”
DC XTC – “Wake Up”
M They Might Be Giants – “Ana Ng”
H Ministry – “Stigmata”

K Ultravox – “Thin Wall”
H Demented Are Go – “Shadow Crypt”
TOTW Big Dipper – “Meet the Witch”
DC The Clash – “All the Young Punks”
H B.A.L.L. – “It Don’t Come Easy”
M Chicken Scratch – “Birds”
H Borghesia – “Forget”
PM REC Primary Industry – “Merde Alors”
LS Timelords – “Doctorin’ the Tardis”
DC Frank French and Kevin Kinney – “Alice is my Ally”
H Big Stick – “Friends & Cars”
K Danielle Dax – “Sleep Has No Property”
H Diamanda Galas – “Let’s Not Chat About Dispair”
PM REC Dementia Precox – “Maladie De Spirit”

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