Monday, May 19, 2008

"And it sticks like a broken record, everything sticks like a broken record..."

The Playsheet took another turn, this time splitting up morning, afternoon and evening. There was already an unwritten rule in place where the listener-friendly stuff was to be played during the largest segment of the day, and the wilder, more experimental music was relegated to after 9 p.m. I finagled a regular shift on Wednesday evenings, from 9 p.m. to midnight and was set free.

WWSU Playlist
5 October 1988
Wednesday, 9 p.m.-midnight
Evening Playlist

Robyn Hitchcock – “Listening to the Higsons”
H Dust Devils – “Ordinary Madness”
TOTW Richard Thompson – “Turning of the Tide”
H Laughing Soap Dish – “Acidland”
DC Skinny Puppy – “God’s Gift (Maggot)”
M Screaming Tribesmen – “Igloo”
H Screaming Trees – “Build on Ice”
PM REC Butthole Surfers – “Baseball”
H Feedtime – “Lightning’s Girl”
H Test Dept. – “Current Affairs”
K Love & Rockets – “Kundalini Express” (request)
DC Tones on Tail – “Christian Says”
LS blank
M blank
REQ/K blank

Negativland – “Car Bombs”
H Antipop – “Back to the Womb”
TOTW They Might be Giants – “Ana Ng”
M Hugo Largo – “Eureka”
DC Minimal Compact – “New Clear Twist”
H Cassandra Complex – “Motherad”
K Bauhaus – “She’s in Parties”
LS Cruise Control – “No Condom, No Sex”
PM REC A Witness – “Loudhailer Song”
H B.A.L.L. – “Drink it on”
M Biff Bang Pow – “She Paints”
DC Legendary Pink Dots – “Casting the Runes”
M Shiva Burlesque – “Indian Summers”
H blank
PM REC blank
REQ/K blank
REQ/DC blank

Lou Reed – “Sweet Jane”
H Alice Donut – “Lisa’s Father”
TOTW Level 42 – “Heaven in my Hands”
DC Phantom Tollbooth – “Significant in Ten Years”
H The Fluid – “New Questions”
M Billy James – “Blind”
H Green River – “Unwind”
PM REC Dag Nasty – “Under Yer Influence”
LS John Hegley & the Popticians – “I Saw My Dinner on TV”
DC Einsterzende Neubaten – “No Di Mi Do Fr Sa So”
H Bongwater – “Pornography”
K Dead Kennedys – “California Uber Alles”
H Rapeman – “Superpussy”
H Fields of the Nephilim – “Endemoniada”
M John the Postman – “Come to the Sabbat”
PM REC Dredd Foole – “Slack”

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