Friday, October 29, 2004

"We've got nuthin' better to do....than to watch TV & have a coupla brews!"

I'm currently watching VH1 Classic's "The Alternative," which I recorded on the DVR. They always show a few gems I haven't seen in AGES, and tonight it is Black Flag's "TV Party!!"

The budget for that video was a couple of six packs, a tiny portable tv and a yellow beanbag chair. It's one of the most honest, fun, low budget videos ever (right up there with The 'Mats "Bastards of Young"). It was great to see it again.

I saw Black Flag at the Jockey Club about 20 years ago. Tickets were around $6.00. The Jockey Club was on York Street in Newport, KY, back when Newport was a scary place to venture. The Jockey Club was a dive in the true sense of the word, but my god what a great place to see punk bands! In less than two weeks, CR and I will be moving to Newport--about ten blocks from where the Jockey Club was.

Like Black Flag, we'll be living low budget. We'll probably be having many a TV party for lack of funds to do anything else!!