Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"So evacuate your bowels and have a hot lunch, and don't be late for school!"

WWSU Playlist
19 October, 1988
Wednesday, 9p.m.-midnight

Siouxsie & the Banshees – “The Passenger”
H Holy Cow – “God/39 Lashes”
TOTW Ofra Haza – “Im Nin Alu”
H Animal Time – “My Car is a Survivor”
DC Agent Orange – “Fire in the Rain”
M Screaming Tribesmen – “Igloo”
H Alice Donut – “Lisa’s Father”
PM REC Butthole Surfers – “Rabbit Fish”
H B.A.L.L. – “The Dylan Side”
H Bongwater – “Dazed & Chinese”
DC Public Image Ltd. – “Seattle”
K Young Fresh Fellows – “Amy Grant”
LS KMFDM – “Blow Your Top”

Talking Heads – “Psycho Killer”
H 17 Pygmies – “Crossing the River”
TOTW The Pretenders – “1969”
M A Picture Made – “Little by Wisdom”
DC Waterboys – “Trumpets”
H Savage Republic – “Viva La Rock & Roll”
K Peter Gabriel – “Biko”
LS Head – “Sin Bin”
PM REC A; Grumph – “Kill”
H Nina Hagen – “Punk Wedding”
M Fred Lane – “French Toast Man”
DC Les Rita Mitsouko – “C’est Comme Ca”
M Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – “Nothing’s Wrong”
H blank
PM REC blank
REQ/K The Nails – “The Things You Left Behind”

REM – “Feeling Gravity’s Pull”
H Rapeman – “Dutch Courage”
TOTW Julian Cope – “Charlotte Anne”
DC Tackhead Sound System – “Wotz my Mission Now?”
H Diamanda Galas – “You Must be Certain of the Devil”
M Human Hands – “I got Mad/New Look”
H Front Line Assembly – “Die-Sect”
PM REC Borghesia – “Naked Uniformed Dead”
LS Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie – “Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie”
DC Front 242 – “Lovely Day”
H Feedtime – “Fun Fun Fun”

I did a station “no-no” by deviating from the set playsheet. I skipped over two items (a heavy cut and a PM recurrent cut) to get to a request, which we were not supposed to do. Shame on me.

This playsheet also has one of my all-time favorite "weird" songs on it: "The French Toast Man" by Fred Lane, from the album Car Radio Jerome on Shimmy-Disc Records.

I loved, loved LOVED the Shimmy-Disc output and bought every album they released - still have them all too, and I still proudly sport my Shimmy-Disc t-shirt. Usually only when mowing the grass though, cuz it's pretty beat up now. Shimmy-Disc was a fabulous independent label, founded by producer/musician/genius Mark Kramer, who sadly lost the label and his Noise recording facility in a lawsuit with The Knitting Factory in 1998.

Here are the lyrics to The French Toast Man

Oh - the French Toast man
The French Toast Man
He rides around the corner
Takes a turn around the block
He's got a lot of french toast in the back
He's got it wrapped up in a sock.
He's timing the engine of his truck
He's got a lot of french toast in the back
The kids come around and ask him if they
Can have a delicious slice of french toast.
"Sure you can! Here it is!"He says as he hands it out to all the boys and girls
And they scream with delight as they run home
And show it to their parents.
Then mom takes the french toast from the kids
To examine it more closely
It has green mould growing right out of the crust
And it smells like something awful.
So she throws it into the garbage can
A rat comes along and eats it up
And falls right over, dead.
And his stomach bursts open
And his liver pops out
Everyone stands around with their hands on their mouths
They really are disgusted.
Then -- The French Toast man comes right around the block
And puts it in his french toast sock.
Oh -- The French Toast Man
He's on his way
He's got a slop-bowl too.
So evacuate your bowels and have a hot lunch
And don't be late for school
And don't be late for school
And don't be late for school!


Jeff said...

Haha!! Those lyrics are hilarious.

Miss_K said...

Yeah, Fred Lane's stuff will really mess with you. Brilliant!