Thursday, May 01, 2008

"I'm standing in the middle of life with my plans behind me..."

7 May, 1986

K U2 – “Gloria”
PWR Art of Noise – Camilla
#1 (blank)
H Soul Asylum – “Never Really Been”
DC Joan Armatrading – “I Love it When You Call me Names”
M Translator – “Stony Gates of Time”
PWR Siouxsie & the Banshees – “Cannons”
REC Robyn Hitchcock – “I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl”
H The Pogues – “Body of an American”
L Lords of the New Church – “Like a Virgin”
K Dead Milkmen – “Bitchin’ Camaro”
PWR Elvis Costello – “Eisenhower Blues”
DC INXS – “Dancing on the Jetty”
H The Bolshoi – Fly
M Lou Reed – “No Money Down”
#2 (blank)
PWR Depeche Mode – “Sometimes”
REC Simple Minds – “Kick Inside of Me”
H Violent Femmes – “Breakin’ Hearts”
DC Lloyd Cole & the Commotions – “Cut Me Down”
K Talking Heads – “Stay Up Late”
PWR Camper Van Beethoven – “Don’t You Go to Goleta”
L Zeit Geist – “Atlantic City”
H The Highwaymen – “The Highwaymen”
M EIEIO – “Go West Young Man”
DC Nomen Klature - ?
PWR The Smiths – “Please Please Please”
REC The Jesus & Mary Chain – “The Hardest Walk”
H Tommy Keene – “In Our Lives”
DC The Shoes – “Summer Rain”
PWR The Pandoras – “Stop Pretending”
K The Raisins – “Fear is Never Boring”
H Latin Quarter – “America for Beginners”
M Book of Love – “Boy”
L The Libertines – “Voices From the Past”
PWR Let’s Active – “Writing the Book of Last Pages”
DC The Ramones – “I Wanna Be Sedated”
H Stan Ridgway – “Can’t Stop the Show”
REC Dead Kennedys – “MTV Get Off the Air”
PWR The BoDeans – “Angels”
M Swimming Pool Q's – “She’s Looking”
K The Pretenders – “Middle of the Road”
PWR Pet Shop Boys – “Why Don’t We Live Together?”
#1 (blank)
H Richard Lloyd – “Back Track”
DC Strawberry Switchblade – “Let Her Go”
M Green on Red – “No Free Lunch”
PWR The Neighborhoods – “Real Stories”
REC Cocteau Twins – “Aikea-Guinea”

I managed to fit in quite a few songs during this three-hour shift. It seems we didn't have any big singles to push this week, so they were skipped over on the playsheet.

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