Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Baby I fell from the sky yesterday..."

WWSU Playlist
24 March 1987
Tuesday, 6-9 p.m.

X – “Burnin’ House of Love”
PL Robyn Hitchcock – “Trash”
TOTW (crossed out) Watermelon Men – “Back in my Diary”
PL Baby Astronauts – “I Hate This Song”
DC Iggy Pop – “Nightclubbing”
PL Caterwaul – “Diminutive Do Se Do”
PL Oingo Boingo – “We Close Our Eyes”
REC Ups & Downs – “Solitary Man”
PL Frank Tovey – “Collapsing New People”
LS Shadow of Fear – “In the Flesh” (7”)
K U2 – “Pride in the Name of Love”
PL Squirrel Bait – “Black Light Poster Child”
DC Jools Holland – “Bumble Boogie”
(PL) Soup Dragons – “Hang 10”

Durango 95 – “First Dream in Color”
PL Shallow Reign – “Long Time Ago”
TOTW (crossed out) Soft Cell – “Hendrix Melody”
PL Psychedelic Furs – “Angels Don’t Cry”
REC This Mortal Coil – “Strength of Strings”
PL Uncle Bonsai – “Boys Want Sex in the Mornings”
DC The Stranglers – “Get a Grip on Yourself”
K REM – “Pretty Persuasion”
PL The Cult – “Love Removal Machine”
LS XTC – “Dear God”
PL Splatcats – “Sunburn”
PL Strange Games – “Metamorphosis”
DC Butthole Surfers – “Movin’ to Florida”

Wire Train – “She’s Got You”
REC Zeitgeist – “Things Don’t Change”
PL Dreams So Real – “Golden”
TOTW (crossed out) Guadalcanal Diary – “Trail of Tears”
DC Marshall Crenshaw – “Shake Up Their Minds”
PL Dementia Precox – “Everything Is Fine”
K Romeo Void – “Never Say Never”
PL The The – “Infected”
PL Eton Crop – “Poverty Is Not Hip”
LS The Infidels – “Everywhere I Go”
PL DOA – “Takin’ Care of Business”
DC Insect Surfers – “Barricade Beach”
PL Pylon – “Stop It!”
(REQ/DC) Peter Himmelman – “Climb”
(PL) Big Dipper – “Wrong in the Charts”

I’ve made a note at the bottom of this playsheet: “I like The Infidels. Played the flip on accident - this is good stuff!” It appears the light single was supposed to be “I Can’t Make You Mine” by The Infidels, but I accidentally played the flip-side, “Everywhere I Go” instead. I wish I could remember this song.

At the top of the playsheet it says “Out of the Box on back -->”
Here’s what was played that week:
Washington Squares – “You Can’t Kill Me”
Ernest Anyway & the Mighty Squirrels – “Spirit In the Sky”
Webb Wilder – “Keep It On Your Mind”

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