Friday, March 25, 2005

"Talk to me, dance with me.."

This morning iPod and I had another conversation.

iPod: “Another Traveling Song” (Bright Eyes)
MK: “So iPod, where are we going?”
iPod: “Little America” (REM)
MK: “Anyone going besides us?”
iPod: “Gai-Jin Man” (Nick Lowe)
MK: “What are we going to do when we get there?”
iPod: “Walk Away Renee” (O-Positive)
MK: “Why would we want to walk away as soon as we get there?”
iPod: “Babylon Makes the Rules” (Steel Pulse)
MK: “You don’t really think America is Babylon, do you?”
iPod: “Paranoid Android” (Radiohead)
MK: “So you’re paranoid. What am I?”
iPod: “Slick” (Sugar)

How iPod knew my record store nickname was “Slick” I’ll never know…

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