Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"Speak to me with your sweet voice..."

iPod spoke to me again today via song titles.

iPod began by telling me about "Yin & Yang & The Flowerpot Man" (Love & Rockets)"Underneath The Bunker" (REM)

MK sez "iPod, what about Yin & Yang & the flowerpot man underneath the bunker?"
"Bad" (U2) sez iPod

MK sez "How bad is it?"
"Incendiary" (Winter Hours) replies iPod.

MK sez to iPod, "Well that's pretty hot. What's gonna burn?"
"The House That Used To Be" (Old 97's)

By this time I was almost upon the Solid Rock Church. I informed iPod that MC 62ft Jeeebus was coming up on the right side of the highway.

iPod responds by kicking into "Christianity is Stupid" (Negativland)

I swear the thing is starting to really freak me out.

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