Thursday, September 29, 2005

"If you knew how I felt you wouldn't act so adult now..."

There always seems to be the same cast of characters on the bus each morning. There are two people who obviously know one another (I think they are related somehow) but they never sit next to each other. Normally they sit across the aisle from each other, but argue and antagonize all the way into downtown.

It can be amusing, because iPod doesn't let me hear what they actually say, I can only see their reactions, and the reactions of those around them.

This morning iPod chose Todd Snider's "Good News Blues," which was the perfect background music to their visual antics. The moon-faced guy likes to talk, and he constantly tries to engage people in conversation--everyone but the grim old lady across the aisle from him, of course. And he waves to each and every bus that passes. He also waves at all the bus stops--even when there is no one standing there. This morning I watched him wave to an empty bus shelter in front of the Aquarium.

His waving seems to upset the grim old woman, who snaps and snarls at him like a vicious little Pomeranian with thick glasses.

Which just eggs him on.

This morning a new face got on the bus, much to the delight of Mr.Waver. The new face belongs to a young businessman wearing a very sharp navy suit & tie. He made the unfortunate mistake of sitting next to Mrs.Grim, which is to say, across the aisle from Mr.Waver. The new guy sat down and opened his newspaper, but Mr.Waver was dead set on engaging this new speciman in conversation. The guy was courteous, as far as I could tell, which made Mrs.Grim snap at him.

Which is when iPod decided some Love & Rockets was in order: "Well the drunk outside the Wendy's is becoming less than friendly...A dog is barking at the moon."


The new guy tried to read his newspaper, but Mr.Waver kept requesting to look at whatever section the poor guy opened. I could sense the new guy was getting frustrated by the shinanigans, but he continued to be courteous and handed each section to Mr.Waver. Mr.Waver didn't read anything--he would give it a cursory glance and hand it back, only to repeat the process two minutes later when the guy started to read.

"...newspaper boys selling you the hard truth...Lucifer employs idle hands by night and day..."

This went on until we were in downtown, and I couldn't help but smile to myself when the new guy bolted from the bus the moment it stopped.

"He wants to get away...from the city of light..."Who knows where he actually intended to disembark.

He just had to get away.

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