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"Rode seven million miles in the trunk of a car - don't know where I'm goin', but I'm goin' far..."

WWSU Playlist
1 February 1989
Wednesday 9 p.m.-midnight

The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog”
H Eclipse – “Slam Dancing Dog”
TOTW Tooba Blooze – “Seven Million Miles”
H Revolution 409 – “Crazy Horses”
DC Revolting Cocks – “You Often Forget”
H The Damned – “Looking At You”
H Sharkbait – “Big Rallies”
H Front 242 – “Headhunter” (CD!)
PMLS (crossed off)
H Pailhead – “Don’t Stand in Line”
PMREC Webb Wilder – “How Long Can She Last”
H Pussy Galore – “Yu Gung”
H NoMeansNo – “Dark Ages”
DC Public Image Limited – “Rise”

Nitzer Ebb – “Join in the Chant”
H Volcano Suns – “Nature & Me”
TOTW Elvis Costello – “Veronica”
H Half Japanese – “Said & Done”
DC Velvet Underground – “Foggy Notion”
H Skinny Puppy – “Testure”
H Mission of Burma – “Forget”
PMLS Young Gods – “Face a Face”
H Love & Rockets – “Motorcycle”
PMLS Violent Femmes – “Breaking Hearts”
H Broken Bones – “Seeds I’ve Sown”
H The Waterboys – “We Will Not Be Lovers”
K Robyn Hitchcock – “The Man With the Lightbulb Head”
REQ The Proclaimers – “Make My Heart Fly”
REQ The Pogues – “Sally MacLennane”

Crossed off with note “Signed off at 11 p.m.”

I haven’t explained why I signed off an hour early on this playsheet, but I’m guessing that since it was February, maybe the weather had turned bad – or was slated to turn bad – and I decided to bunk off early for the long drive home, which, on a good day, took around 45 minutes.

Tooba Blooze was a local Dayton band that I really dug. As the name might suggest, they were an R&B inspired foursome with a twist: instead of a bass player, they had Hal Taylor blasting away on a tuba.
I know it sounds odd, but it really worked. I caught them live a number of times, usually at Canal Street Tavern but a few other places around town too, and they never disappointed. I remember hanging out at Renaissance Music one evening shooting the shit with owner Geoff when a customer came into the store. I was busy giving Miss Lucy (the sweet little shop cat) a good head scratching and had my back to the door, so I didn’t notice the guy come in, but when he passed by I think I got a contact high off his hair and clothes. It was, of course, TB lead singer Denny Wilson. We got to chatting and he ended up visiting the station a few days later as a “special guest.” Even though he was a major stoner at the time, I always thought that he was incredibly focused and talented. I know a lot of folks grumbled that he had a massive ego – and maybe he did, but so what? He had the talent to back it up.

When Tooba Blooze split up, Denny formed the short-lived Wizbangs (with Tim Taylor and Juan Monasterio, later of Brainiac) and released an E.P. of groove-funk-rock similar in sound to Columbus’s Royal Crescent Mob. He later moved to New York and is still active in the music business.

I really ought to take this time to mention the fabulous Dayton label I Wanna. Founded by WYSO DJ Jim Carter (aka Rev. Cool), I Wanna had an impressive run, releasing albums by Tooba Blooze, The Highwaymen (whose lead singer Troy Campbell would later move to Austin and form Loose Diamonds), The Obvious and an excellent Dayton compilation called Hard to Be Cool in an Uncool World, which featured The Highwaymen, The Reducers, Mecca Normal, Human Switchboard, and True Believers, among others. In a future post I'll expound further on The Highwaymen, who were by far my favorite local band at the time. Loved. Those. Guys.

Unbeknownst at the time, the label secured a footnote in history with the release of Forever Since Breakfast, the first Guided By Voices album. It would be several years before GbV’s career took off on it’s meteoric rise, and by that time I Wanna was defunct and the band had moved on to Cleveland’s Scat Records (run by Prisonshake guitarist Robert Griffin).

The only other thing that really stands out on this playlist is the notation that the Front 242 song was played on a CD, which at the time was still something of a novelty at the station. A harbinger of things to come...

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