Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"If one should have made it, it should have been you..."

WWSU playlist
25 January 1989
Wednesday 9 p.m.-midnight

K Wall of Voodoo – “Mexican Radio”
H Skinny Puppy – “Censor”
TOTW The Replacements – “I’ll Be You”
H Tooba Blooz – “Seven Million Miles”
DC Revolting Cocks – “Attack Ships”
H Psychic TV – “Ballet Disco”
H Shaved Pigs – “Feel Free”
PMLS Keith Levene – “If 6 Was 9”
H Lead Into Gold – “Blackened Heart”
PM REC Alice Donut – “Lisa’s Father”

Wire Train – “Chamber of Hellos”
H Half Japanese – “I’ll Change My Style”
TOTW The Reivers – “It’s About Time” (formerly Zeitgeist)
H Volcano Suns – “Laff Riot”
DC Monks of Doom – “Save Me From Myself”
H NoMeansNo – “Real Love”
H Big Stick – “Crack Attack”
PMLS The Young Gods – “Face a Face”
H Spongeland – “Mail it off to China”
PMREC Guadalcanal Diary – “Trail of Tears”

O Positive – “With You”
H The Inbred – “Walk this Way”
TOTW The Pogues – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”
H Feeding Frenzy – “Tug”
DC Joy Division – “Ceremony”
H Rapeman – “Trouser Minnow”
H Soundgarden – “All Your Lies”
PMLS Karen Finley – “Lick It”
H Demented R Go – “Shadow Crypt”
PMREC Ministry – “Deity”
H Zoetrope – “Unbridled Energy”
H Dinosaur Jr. – “Don’t”
K The Jesus & Mary Chain – “April Skies”

Ah, The Reivers. Now there was a band that totally deserved to make it but was sadly overlooked during their brief career. Hailing from Austin, TX, The Reivers began their journey under the name Zeitgeist and built up quite a following with their self-titled E.P. on db Records in 1984. They seemed to have it all: jangly melodies, great hooks, evocative lyrics, beautiful harmonies.
Their first full-length, the magnificent Translate Slowly, built their fan base considerably and attracted the attention of major label Capitol Records, with whom they signed around 1987. On the eve of their major label debut however, Capitol learned that the name Zeitgeist was already copyrighted by a German new age band who were steadfast in their refusal to change their name.

Much to their chagrin and dismay, Austin’s Zeitgeist were forced to scramble and come up with a new name. They chose The Reivers after a William Faulkner novel of the same name, and Capitol sent out info sheets to local media alerting them to the new moniker.
I added the 12" single of "It's About Time" to our playlist as soon as Capitol sent it to the station and put a note on the sleeve to alert staff to be sure to announce their name change. But we were only a small 10-watt college station with a limited audience...

The name change obviously hurt the band – many fans didn’t learn of the name change in a timely fashion, and it has to be said that there was a certain apathy within Capitol’s promotions department regarding the band. Such a shame really, as Zeitgeist/The Reivers were a band who truly deserved to make it on the same level as REM was then doing. Instead, by 1991 they were no more.

This same situation would be replayed with Tucson's The Sidewinders, who after releasing two LPs under the moniker would be forced, via a lawsuit from a North Carolina cover band, to change their name. They chose Sand Rubies. By 1993, they too had disbanded.

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