Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I was tuning in the shine on the light night dial, doing anything my radio advised..."

I found a bunch of my old WWSU playlists. Here's one from 3/20/1986.

Wall of Voodoo - "Mexican Radio"
Let's Active - "Fell"
Blow Monkeys - "Diggin' Your Scene"
Stan Ridgway - "Camouflage"
Dead Kennedys - "Halloween"
Flesh For Lulu - "Baby Hurricane"
Echo & the Bunnymen - "Bring on the Dancing Horses"
Golden Palominos - "The Animal Speaks"
Exploding White Mice - "Let the Kids Dance"
Beastie Boys - "She's On It"
Dead Milkmen - "Bitchin' Camaro"
Public Image Ltd. - "FFF"
The Smiths - "How Soon is Now"
Ruefrex - "Flowers for All Occasions"
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel - "Decendent into the Inferno"
Pet Shop Boys - "Opportunities"
The Bangles - "If She Knew What She Wants"
Colour Field - "Pushing Up Daisies"
Mr. Bonus - "Elvis What Happened?"
Dementia Precox - "Teenage TV Jesus"
The March Violets - "Snake Dance"
MicroDisney - "Horse Overboard"
Bryan Ferry - "Is Your Love Strong Enough"
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - "Lost Weekend"
Del Lords - "True Love"
Circle Jerks - "When the Shit Hits the Fan"
Husker Du - "Sorry Somehow"
Hoodoo Gurus - "Like Wow, Wipeout"
Falco - "Rock Me Amadaeus"
A Flock of Seagulls - "Heartbeat Like a Drum"
Nina Hagan - "Prima Nina in Ecstasy"
Fine Young Cannibals - "Johnny Come Home"
REM - "Feeling Gravity's Pull"
The Cult - "Rain"
Erasure - "Who Needs Love Like That?"
Butthole Surfers - "Movin' to Florida"
The Cramps - "How Far Can Too Far Go?"
Split Enz - "History Never Repeats"
APB - "Shoot You Down"

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