Thursday, May 24, 2007

"The hands of the genius are stone cold..."

Ten years ago today I got the news that one of my local heroes had died.

At first I didn't believe it-didn't WANT to believe it-but a couple of phone calls confirmed the sad fact that we had lost him.

Tim Taylor was always larger than life, but even though it was obvious to us all that he and his band, Brainiac, were destined for greatness, he never let it get to his head. He was a super special guy with a tremendous amount of positive energy, always friendly with a quick and easy smile, and talented.
Jesus, he was talented. Not everyone "got" their unique brand of music, but for those of us who did, his loss was devastating.

I was not part of his inner circle, but Dayton's a small city with a tight scene, and we ran into each other at a lot of the same functions, shows and parties. It was always a delight to compare record store notes--as Tim worked behind the counter of another local indie shop when he wasn't on tour or creating jawdroppingly amazing music. He was funny, friendly, exceptionally creative, and the gaping hole he left in our hearts and in our scene has never been--and will never be--refilled.

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